Its been 5 years this year that I came up with Sketch Coloring (copyright pending). And for the rest of this year, I'm going to be Sketch Coloring on black and white sketch covers of any comic book for ONLY $5 each! So you can bring up any comic that has a black and white sketch cover and get it one of a kind Sketch Colored by me with MARKERS!!!
"If you would like to sign up for the FREE pre-workshop I'm giving at UTA (the University of TX Arlington), please click the link here "May 20th Workshop" and sign up. Yes its free, but seating is limited. UTA has just added more seating since we've over filled the original number of seats. So please get your name in there asap if you would like to attend! Its going to be awesome!!

Well, its time to CELEBRATE!!! I just finished my 100th comic!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm EXTREMELY EXCITED AND HONORED!! This is a HUGE milestone for most creators in the industry! So, I think its time for a little celebration!!

Start your Cyber Monday surfing with these $5 PRINTS on sale in the "SALE" portion of my website! There are over 40 different prints that are JUST ONLY $5 each! Each are limited to only a few quantities, and when they're gone, they're gone...I'm not making any more of these!!

PLUS, I have an additional special going on with the Ninja Turtles. RIGHT can have all 4 Ninja Turtle prints, for only $35!!! YES, thats right..4 prints for only $35!!!! This special only goes through tomorrow night at 1159pm tomorrow (central time)!

Coming up in the next few days is "THE SALE"! THE SALE is my annual HUGE sale I have on prints, comics and more on this website. I'm talking $5 prints, $1 comics and (again) much more! Keep posted here and on my Face Book Fan Page (JbalkesCOLORS) for more info and when the sale will start!
Chicago Comic Con coming up pretty quick. And there are going to be a TON of people there including some amazing guests. SO, with that being said, I'm going to be taking pre-orders on ALL of the Sketch Coloring Prints I have listed in my store. So all you would have to do is just order whatever you'd like (and however many you'd like), I'll color it up for you, and then just pick it up at the show. That simple.

So check out my Sketch Coloring Prints in my store (please link the Sketch Coloring Prints page to the word store there), and let the coloring begin ;)

I'm very honored to have been nominated again for the Eagle Award for "Favorite Colorist". I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the first round so I can be nominee. So now, in this final round, this is the big one. Whomever gets the most votes out of the nominees in each category, is the winner of the award in that category.

So my question to you is...Can you vote for me one more time in question #8 (Favorite Colorist) for the Eagle Award? I would really appreciate it. There are a few different categories in the Eagle Awards, and if you have any other favorites in the other categories, then please vote for them as well and show support. But you do not have to answer every question.

This award (to me) is a huge honor and would be simply amazing to win.
I'm extremely honored to share with you, that I'm pre-nominated for an Eagle Award for "Favorite Colorist"!!! WHOO HOO!! I'm pretty stoked!! This to me is a HUGE honor to be pre-nominated, and HOPEFULLY nominated! The next step after becoming nominated...its to win this baby and take it home

Follow this link and scroll down to Favorite Colorist and select my name. It's not necessary to cast a vote in every category, though if you DO have a favorite in the other categories, please support that professional by casting a vote. At the end of the process, you'll be sent a confirmation email. Click "here" after you get that email, and you'll be all set. Then your vote will be counted. Then thats i.

Thank you VERY much in advance. I really appreciate all your support and love you've shown me.

Vote Here:
THANK YOU very much everyone who voted for me in the Shel Dorf Awards for Colorist of the Year! I'm very happy to announce that I WON the award! I couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! Its a HUGE honor to me!

Fans and creators have the opportunity to vote for their favorite talents as the ballots for the Shel Dorf Awards are now open. Vote now, because the timeline for voting may be coming to a close soon.. as the winners will be announced at Detroit Fanfare, September 24-25, at the Cobo Hall Convention Center in Detroit. So please vote for me (question #4 "Colorist of the Year") at

Shel dorf Awards now open for nominations!
Includes the Jerry Bails Comic Book Fandom Award

THANK YOU very much everyone who voted for me in the Shel Dorf Awards for Colorist of the Year! I'm very happy to announce that I WON the award! I couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! Its a HUGE honor to me!

Founded in 2010, along with the inaugural Detroit Fanfare, the Shel Dorf Awards are dedicated to recognizing the comic industry’s brightest talents. Like Shel, the awards are most concerned with the fan perspective, giving the fans their right and say in the nomination and voting process. Shel Dorf helped to launch what is arguably the first true comic convention in the country with Detroit Triple Fan Fair in 1965 before he moved to San Diego in 1970 to help initiate what is now Comic Con.

Although this is the first open nomination with fans voting, the Shel Dorf Awards were presented last year in a special ceremony to honor Shel and the start of the awards. Stan Lee was on hand to accept The Legacy of Comics Award. A special award was given to three individuals that helped to continue the convention that Shel started and the recipients of the Shel Dorf Torch Bearer’s Award were Marvin Giles, Carl Lundgren, and Greg Theakston.

In addition to the creative categories honored, the Shel Dorf Awards are emphasizing the role of fandom as there is an award for Best Blogger. There is a special award named the Jerry Bails Comic Book Fandom Award which is for excellence in the pursuit of the essence of comic fandom. Jerry Bails has been labeled the “father of comic book fandom” and his wife, Jean, accepted an award to begin the presentations this year. The Legacy of Comics Award is determined by the board of directors of Detroit Fanfare and will also be announced at the ceremony."
July 1st, 2014
All prints are $15ea OR 2 for $20 (and $10ea after they'd be 3 for $30, 4 for $40 and so on)IN ADDITION to those prints, I'm also going to have for the first time at a show, $5 discontinued sale prints. I'll have 4-5 different prints with limited quantities of each. So check those out too while at the table.
June 7th, 2014
Along with being in Artist Alley table #1312 at the Philly Comic Con, I'm also going to be signing at the Zenescope booth (#501) Friday, Saturday and Sunday (times coming soon). But all the prints, comics, trades and Sketch Colorings I'll have will be at my Artist Alley table. Hope to see you there.

Wizard World has also posted a write up on me. Click the link to check it out
I'll be in Artist Alley table #AA-233 at HeroesCon (can you also add the link to the HeroesCon word?) this weekend! Stop by and check out the AWESOMENESS I'll have at the booth! Plus check out the NEW prints debuting at the Con along with some comic exclusives. See you there!

Thank you to everyone from stopping by and seeing me during Dallas Comic Con. Great time for all. If your in Charlotte, stop by and say hello
*Tickets for the "RAFFLE OF A LIFETIME" go on sale starting Friday May 20 to May 22. Tickets are only $5 and you may purchase as many as you'd like. (can we add this link in there too? Click here for more info about the raffle.
"The RAFFLE of a LIFETIME" at the Dallas Comic Con!!  22 books I've worked on are being raffled off for only $5 a ticket!!  Check out my blog to find out more info..[ Click Here ]
April 13, 2014
The Eagle Awards voting session is now over. Now we wait until May 27th to see who won the Awards in each category. And I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted and showed support and love through out the voting rounds. Its a HUGE honor to be nominated and be placed in the Top 5!!! Thank you again..and lets keep our fingers crossed to see if I won the award

April 13, 2014
The Grimm Fairy Tales #57 MegaCon exclusives will be available at the Anaheim Comic Con April 29 - May 1. If you want your exclusive, stop by table #1414 in Artist Alley and grab your copy. They are extremely limited..when they're gone they're gone (from me anyway). But stop by and check out ALL the goodies I'll have at the show. Trades and comics (I've worked on), prints and so much more!

Zenescope Megacon Variant Get Grimm Fairy Tales issue #57 Megacon Variant. Come by my artists alley section white #12 or the zenescope booth and pick one up while they last. Click here to view the exclusive Megacon variants.
Zenescope C2E2 Variant Get Grimm Fairy Tales issue #57 C2E2 Variant. Come by booth artist alley table g-11 or booth #710 and pick one up. Click here to view the exclusive C2E2 variants.
March 14, 2014
I want to say THANK YOU to all who voted for me and showed so much support for me to make it to the TOP 5 in the Favorite Colorist category of the Eagle Awards! Its a HUGE honor to be placed in the Top 5 of the colorist category. Now there's just one more step and thats to WIN the award!

So please vote for me one more time in the Favorite Colorist category (question #8)! [ Vote Here ]

Thank you very much again for all your support!
March12, 2014
Voting for the Eagle Awards is now over. On March 14th, the Top 5 in each category will be chosen and posted.

Its an honor to be pre-nominated and put on the ballot. Hopefully, I can make it into the Top 5 for Favorite Colorists and start the next round.


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